The excellence of an A-list agency.
The agility of a creative start up.

We create effective campaigns
more efficiently

Luca Rescheleit and Kerstin Hagg

The excellence of an a-List agency

Core BLN was founded by Luca Rescheleit and Kerstin Hagg.

Luca Rescheleit is one of Germany’s most awarded copywriters and creative directors with 15 years of industry experience.

He began his career at Jung von Matt and has created many campaigns for international and national brands since.

Kerstin Hagg is a client Service Director with over 17 years of experience in international brand campaigning.

Worked for Wieden+Kennedy, Jung von Matt, and antoni, in China, Dubai, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Vienna, and Berlin and produced films with superstars such as Lionel Messi or Drake.

The Agility of a creative start-up

Core BLN closes the gap between customized agencies
and virtual agencies.

  • Customized Agency
  • Big (huge) budget or retainers only
  • Consistency through fixed set-up and personas
  • limited space for additional specialists
  • Pre-defined processes and ways of working
  • Small but consistent Core teams customized to your brand
  • Flexibility to extend core teams to react individually to each project
  • All processes are tailor-made to the brief
  • Experienced with big and (relatively) small budgets
  • Virtual Agency
  • Maximum flexibility at the cost of consistency
  • On-boarding with every project
  • No guaranteed availability
  • You never know who you’ll be working with

What’s In
It for you

  • Save time: Creative 2 Client

    Your briefings and business aims should be implemented in the most direct way. That’s why you will be involved with the creatives as often as possible. No filters, no information that gets lost along the way.

  • Save money: Scalable processes

    Start your project at a small scale with a lean team - and only get the big engine running as soon as it’s needed.

  • Save your brand! Consistent brand shaping

    Those who create are those who make. The Core team stays with you from ideation to production, always focusing on your brand core.

There’s no
brand like
your brand

We believe every project deserves a tailor-made

So let’s get right to it:

  • What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing?
  • What aims do you want to achieve?
  • What’s your core need?